The Reality of Being

I had a revelation last night. I realized just what Descartes did when he reasoned “I think therefore I am.” The “I am” is all important; when you say “I am” you are saying you exist, you are real, you are aware of yourself. God names Himself to Moses in Exodus “I am” and God is telling Moses this is MY name forever, and this is how I am to be remembered in every generation.
Julian of Norwich expanded on this:
“I am he, the power and goodness of fatherhood; I am he , the wisdom and lovingness of motherhood; I am he, the light and grace which is all blessed love; I am he, the Trinity; I am he , the unity; I am he, the supreme goodness of every kind of thing; I am he who makes you to love; I am he who makes you to long; I am he, the endless fulfilling of all true desires.”
“I am”, there is great power in these two simple words. They were there at the beginning and will be there forever. Our existence, our being, is revealed in our own personal “I am.” We are created in the image of God. God is love. Patricia and I are one in God. I am who I am. I am in Pat; Pat is in me: We are one in God. We know the heart, soul and mind doing the looking and the loving from deep within us. We live in a world of love.
And yet there is Despair as in Pat’s poem;
Fragments: Despair
by Patricia A. Bow Nov 1982

The world turns, turns 
into darkness. 
All the bright cities 
slide into shadow, 
the sweet green fields 
turn grey, leprous.

We perceive the light 
only as it fades. 
We listen for the children 
after hearing of their murder.

Where are the ones who sleep their days 
in silent, healing harmonies, 
balm to our wounds?

Where are the ones who measure out 
the poetry of secret prayer, 
who link the shattered times 
with perfect rhymes?

Where are the blessed? 
All dead centuries ago?

Mother Theresa, have I gone blind, 
or have the furies blown 
your candle out?

And so, the world ends in grief, not with a bang but a whimper. The Big Bang is only for in the beginning. We are all Hollow Man waiting to be comforted, to be filled with the love of God and to rejoin our loved ones in Heaven.

About thebows99krug

Hi, I am Eric, a retired librarian. I was born in St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto and raised in the downtown area north of the Art Gallery, south of the University of Toronto. I went to Orde Street Public School, Harbord C.I., University College at the UofT and the UofT's Faculty of Library and Information Science. I meet my wife Patricia at FLIS; our first date was on November 15, 1968. We were engaged February 14, 1969 and married on June 21, 1969. Our family includes son, James; daughter-in-law, Erin; (both writers), grand-daughters, Vivian and Eleanor; and Sonic, a very friendly ginger tabby. My beloved wife died January 7, 2017 and our 19 year old cat Pooka died January 8, 2017. I would like to hear from any other class of '63 alumni of Harbord C.I. and class of '67 alumni of UofT's University College.
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