I love her a little more than life itself.

Often when ruminating in my favourite chair after a meal I find my mind filling with Joy and a great comforting bliss. I wonder if it is my Beloved Pat whispering my favourite poem of hers in my ear.

Basic by Patricia A. Bow Easter 1975

I love you little more than I love air

for every time I draw a breath

a puff withstands the void of death:

I love you little more than I love air.

I love you little more than I love water.

It sends the new green springing high,

without it I would surely die;

I love you little more than I love water.

I love you little more than I love bread.

It binds the muscle to the bone,

it sends the heartbeat throbbing on;

I love you little more than I love bread.

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Hallelujah! God is Love!

It is important to remember Jesus was a Jew teaching Jews using their scripture. For those Jews, Judgement was an occasion of universal rejoicing not of punishment for your sins.

“The ancient Jews, like ourselves, think of God’s judgement in terms of an earthly court of justice. The difference is that the Christian pictures the case to be tried as a criminal case with himself in the dock; the Jew pictures it as a civil case with himself as the plaintiff. The one hopes for acquittal, or rather for pardon; the other hopes for a resounding triumph with heavy damages. Hence he prays ‘judge my quarrel’, or ‘avenge my cause’ (35:23). And though, as I said a minute ago, Our Lord in the parable of the Sheep and the Goats painted the characteristically Christian picture, in another place He is very characteristically Jewish.” [C.S. Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms]

Gives a whole new meaning to John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” We have won by the grace of God our civil suit; God’s judgement “is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” God is LOVE!

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A MUST share

Found one of those Wow passages in C.S. Lewis ‘Letters to Malcolm, chiefly on Prayer’ (Letter XXII) that spoke to a great truth I have been searching fort.

“….that memory as we now know it is a dim foretaste, a mirage even, of a power which the soul, or rather Christ in the soul (he ‘went to prepare a place for us’) will exercise hereafter. It need no longer be intermittent. Above all, it need no longer be private to the soul in which it occurs….

“At present we tend to think of the soul as somehow ‘inside’ the body. But the glorified body of the resurrection as I conceive it-the sensuous life raised from its death-will be inside the soul. As God is not in space but space is in God. …

“The strangest discovery of a widower’s life is the possibility, sometimes, of recalling. with detailed and uninhibited imagination, with tenderness and gratitude, a passage of carnal love, yet with no re-awakening of concupiscence. And when this occurs (it must not be sought) awe comes upon us. It is like seeing Nature itself rising from its grave. What was sown in momentariness is raised in still permanence. What was sown as a becoming rises as being. Sown in subjectivity, it rises in objectivity. The transitory secret of two is now a chord in the ultimate music. …

“’But this,’ you protest, ‘is no resurrection of the body’. You have given the dead a sort of dream world and dream bodies. They are not real.’ Surely neither less nor more real than those you have always known: you know better than I that the ‘real world’ of our present experience (coloured,
resonant, soft or hard, cool or warm, all corseted by perspective) has no place in the world described by physics or even physiology. Matter enters our experience only by becoming sensation (when we perceive it) or conception (when we understand it). That is, by becoming soul….”

Amen, this is true! As Lewis concludes “If they are not true, something better will be. For ‘we know that we shall be made like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.’

Amen this is true!

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God is within you!

When I pray is it me speaking to myself or God to Himself? When I feel a Presence is it my beloved departed spouse or is God within comforting me? ” Don’t you find that, if you keep your mind fixed upon God, you automatically think of the person you are praying for; but that there is no tendency for it to work the other other way around?” [C.S. Lewis]
“They tell me Lord that when I seem / To be in speech with you, / Since but one voice is heard, its all a dream, / One talker aping two ” [unknown poet]
“The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind The answer is blowin’ in the wind!” Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:21

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On Love, Marriage and Death

“Why weepest thou?” [John 20:15] These words are not only to Mary but to each of us who have experienced a great loss. Jesus who is love, sees you too in your loss and pain. Turn to him in your pain and know that you will see your loved one again in him who will make you whole again. Remember that he first made you one and “what God has joined together, let not man separate.” [Mark 10:9]
The problem is my beloved Patricia is while I am just beginning. Like all married couples we were united as one with God; redeemed through marriage. Pat and I were united into One to receive each other into ourselves, to bathe in it, to become part of God. We are still One though on opposite sides of the door for now. Death opens the door for us to join again; she is waiting on the other side of the door. All the pages of the New Testament, the Good News says, God willing, we will rejoin on her side of the door. I am constantly reminded that we marry to immortality!
One of the reasons we married is we moved each other to thoughts of God. We began a journey to C.S. Lewis’ God and us; some special part of us now felt we were made whole. God is love. Love doesn’t just integrate us He shows us that the essential part of us wasn’t really missing it had simply been asleep until we found each other.

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God is LOVE!

Sometimes while reading a Facebook friend’s post I find myself in Julian of Norwich’s small cell and see the stone around and feel the dark and see bits of her vision. This moment stayed in my head and this morning I remembered in my waking dream:
“This vision was shown me to teach me – as I understand it – that it is necessary for everyone to feel in this way: sometimes to be comforted, and sometimes to feel failure and be left to oneself. God wants us to know that he keeps us equally safe in joy and in sorrow, and loves us as much in sorrow as in joy. And for the benefit of his soul a man is sometimes left to himself, although sin is not always the cause; for at this time I committed no sin for which I ought to be left to myself. Nor did I deserve to have the feeling of bliss. But our Lord gives freely when he wills, and sometimes allows us to be in sorrow and both come from one love. For it is God’s will that we keep ourselves, in good spirits with all our might, for bliss lasts forever, and pain passes and will come to nothing, therefore it is not God’s will that we should be influenced by feelings of pain to sorrow and grieve over them, but quickly pass beyond them and hold on to the endless joy that is God almighty, who loves and safeguards us.”
We are all occasionally surprised by Joy. This is joy bringing you out of grief. Thank you Facebook friend!

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Love is stronger than Grief!

That one kiss from my beloved spouse the day after she had died saved me from despair. That she lived still with Christ was beyond debate. We were still one with each other and God. One thing I know, that in grief I was blind, but with that kiss I now saw God is LOVE and had united us as ONE forever! We walk for ever her favourite beach as One with Him.

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Sex in Heaven

Very interesting passage from C.S.Lewis ‘Miracles’:

“We know the sexual life; we do not know, except in glimpses, the other thing which, in Heaven, will leave no room for it. Hence where fulness awaits us we anticipate fasting. In denying that sexual life, as we now understand it, makes any part of the final beatitude, it is not of course necessary to suppose that the distinction of sexes will disappear. What is no longer needed for biological purposes may be expected to survive for splendour. Sexuality is the instrument both of virginity and of conjugal virtue; neither men nor women will be asked to throwaway weapons they have used victoriously. It is the beaten and the fugitives who throwaway their swords. The conquerors sheathe theirs and retain them.”

I pray that Lewis is right and we, Patricia and I, will experience Love from God, love for God, and love for one another. After all sex is NOT sin, original sin was disobedience to God and we, Pat and I, were made One by God.

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Yehwah the only true God.

In Hebrew “I am” (אני) is one word. When Moses asked who he should say sent him, God tells him “You must tell them: ‘The one who is called I AM has sent me to you.” ‎Exodus 3:13 God is another being who is conscious of Himself. Genesis 1:27 tells us “God created mankind in his own image” And Wisdom of Solomon 2:23: “For God created man to be immortal, and made him to be an image of his own eternity”. Only man and God are conscious of themselves.
When John 1:1 says “the Word was God” it means just that; God spoke the Word and said the Big Bang creating the universe and that universe is expanding into God. God knows that universe just as we know the thoughts that arise out of our thoughts and are conscious of our-self. Yes we are created in the image of God. We see God in each other. God is “I am who I am.” (אני מי שאני) this is the great revelation. “Here in is love, not that we loved God but that He loved us.” 1 John 4:10.
As a spirit created in the image of God we have a beginning but no end! We are immortal. As a spirit we have no gender. When two spirits meet as soul mates and marry they become one in the image of God and still without gender.  Pat and I are one not two , just as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost are One not three.
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Love is everything!

“No quality of human nature is more remarkable, both in itself and in its consequences, than that propensity we have to sympathize with others.” [David Hume] This sympathy can be called Love. Love is how we escape the confines of our own mind. We feel our own Love in response to the love we observe in the other. We go from “I think therefore I am ” to “I love, therefore we are.” We are able to understand the thoughts and feelings of our beloved through the operation of our Love. I feel the “Presence” of my departed spouse therefore she still exists. We escape the confines of our own mind into God because God is Love.

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